What I’ve been watching…

My partner and I are not natural binge-watchers. Especially if a show is 40 minutes per episode and 38 of those minutes are intense. What we have watched recently with little interruption - by which I mean, this is what we've chosen to watch every night for the past few weeks - is Starz' Black Sails.  … Continue reading What I’ve been watching…


Dissertation Check-In

In an attempt to give myself some accountability, this is a check-in with myself to see if I, for once, have stuck to a self-imposed writing deadline. 

April Moments: Currently I’m Reading

Turns out my winter blues manifested itself this year in the form of writer's block alongside a general lack of motivation. But. The Spring Equinox has been and gone in the Northern Hemisphere; Persephone has said goodbye to her husband to join us once more in the upper world (is that the correct term? Probably not, but I'm using it now) so I figured I'd have another go at daily blogging.